Futurium webinar on Impact of the draft eIDAS Regulation on privacy preserving eID solutions





The draft eIDAS Regulation currently in discussion at the European Parliament will have a major impact on how trust and privacy can be preserved and managed in the future Internet and any related development in society. The impacts on privacy-preserving eID technologies will be content of a talk at a webinar by Harald Zwingelberg. The webinar is moderated by Jacques Bus (Digital Enlightenment Forum) and will held on July 10th, 2013 at 16:00 CET.

Prior to the ABC4Trust introduction Ms Carolyn Nguyen (Microsoft, US) will give a new stimulus to the discussion on personal data ecosystems.

For the detailed agenda of the Webinar and the details how to listen or participate in the online discussion please visit the Futurium website.

For further details on the eIDAS regulation under a privacy specific viewpoint see can be found here.

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