In its latest Deliverable 4.2 – Final Reference Implementation, ABC4Trust describes how to use a demonstration the project developed in order to allow interested parties to actually try out Privacy-ABCs in practice. Embedded in a hotel room booking scenario, you can follow all steps from obtaining a credential, to make use of it and revoke it in the end.

The demonstration is deployed as a virtual machine in iso format. (Download Virtual Machine)

The scenario showcases most of the features provided by reference implementation, namely issuance with key carry-over, verification and revocation of credentials. Inspection and issuance with carry-over attributes are not included in the demonstration, but could be included in a future version. The scenario is based around the case of booking a hotel room. In order to book a room, a user must possess valid passport and credit card credentials; however the user will be forced to reveal neither her identity nor her credit card number. A potential feature to add in a future version of the demonstration would be to make the credit card number in the presentation token inspectable in case of a (late) cancellation. This would allow the hotel to withdraw a fee from the customer if certain criteria are met. Similarly, an additional issuer of student card credentials could be implemented. This could be used to showcase advanced issuance (where the student’s attributes are carried over from his student card to the credit card credential) as well as the verifier having different presentation policies, offering students a discount.

The demonstration consists of the following services:

A Grails application running the webpage for a hotel, acting as the verifier.

A Grails application running the webpage for a bank, acting as the issuer of credit card credentials.

A Grails application running the webpage of governmental agency, acting as the issuer of passport credentials.

A revocation service, able to revoke credit card credentials.

A user service, able to manage credentials, communication with smartcards and perform presentations of credentials.

A user UI service, providing a GUI for the user service.


For further details please read D4.2 - Final Reference Implementation. (Download: PDF)


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