Jesus Luna (TUD), Neeraj Suri (TUD),  
Giancarlo Pellegrino (TUD), Heng Zhang (TUD),
Michael Bladt Stausholm (ALX)

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The activity of Perturbation Analysis assesses the robustness of the ABC4Trust architecture as initially described  in  Deliverable  D2.1  and  Heartbeat  H2.1.  Following  the  basic  test  cases  that  verify  the correctness  of  the  implementation  (Task  4.6),  the  perturbation  analysis  activity  designs  individual misuse cases, and plans campaigns to inject a range of perturbations (e.g., at the ABCE API-level) on the  different  operational  blocks  and  also  the  architectural  data  flows  to  test  the  robustness  of  the implementation and to suggest any corrective actions as needed.

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