Fatbardh Veseli, Jan Camenisch, Jonas Lindstrøm Jensen



Standardization is considered of particular importance for the dissemination of ABC4Trust results. In this  deliverable,  we  present  a  brief  overview  of  the  Reference  Implementation  of  ABC4Trust  and identify  its  standardization-relevant  parts,  including  the  implemented  protocols  and  XML  formats, externally  available  APIs,  policy  language,  and  cryptographic  libraries.  We  also  consider interoperability  with  de-facto  standard  identity  management  schemes  as  an  alternative  to standardization, which could further ease the adoption of the Reference Implementation. Furthermore, we identify some infrastructure challenges in porting the Reference Implementation to mobile phones caused by the lack of native support for certain components of the Reference Implementation in some mobile operating systems. For all of the above, we provide a motivation for the presented discussion
points,  providing  not  only  lessons  based  on  our  experience  in  the  design  and  development  of  the Reference Implementation, but also presenting insights on some of the challenges towards the adoption of the Reference Implementation including standardization and beyond.