Fatbardh Veseli, Dieter M. Sommer, Jan Schallaöck, Ioannis Krontiris



Standardization is considered of particular importance for the dissemination of ABC4Trust results. This deliverable marks the final version of the architecture for standardization. It provides a number of useful standardization projects and bodies, for which the ABC4Trust architecture is relevant, and describes the key areas of our contribution in drafting these standardization projects. We look closer at two particular standardization projects within the Joint Technical Committee ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information technology, Subcommittee SC 27, IT Security techniques Working Group WG 5 Identity Management and Privacy Technologies,  namely  ISO/IEC  24760  and  ISO/IEC  29101,  and  have  a  general  overview  of  the
standardization  ecosystem  with  a  number  of  other  projects.  In  addition,  the  deliverable  identifies potential  risks  to  privacy  caused  by  malicious  Verifiers  and  proposes  standardization  of  presentation policies as a way to overcome such risks. Finally, we also describe additional standardization efforts that are based on Privacy-ABC technologies, and give an overview of further standardization projects that are related to the architecture of Privacy-ABC technologies.