Thomas Baignères, Patrik Bichsel, Robert R. Enderlein,
Hans Knudsen, Kasper Damgård, Jonas Jensen,  
Gregory Neven, Janus Nielsen, Pascal Paillier,  
Michael Stausholm


Download: PDF; Review Status: Not yet externally reviewed

Including explanation to the hotel booking demonstration. The demonstration is deployed as a virtual machine which can be downloaded here.


This deliverable provides an overview of the final reference implementation of the ABC4Trust project. The cryptographic architecture of the reference implementation has been completely redesigned and re-implemented. This caused only minor changes to the API of the ABCE, showing the versatility of the current ABCE architecture and implementation. New generic services have been implemented allowing easier adoption of the ABCE. Other parts of the ABCE have also seen improvements regarding stability, performance, and usability of the components. Finally, the smartcard source code has also been made available as open source.