Part I - Formal Treatment of Privacy-Enhancing Credential Systems

By Jan Camenisch, Stephan Krenn, Anja Lehmann, Gert Læssøe Mikkelsen, Gregory Neven, Michael Østergaard Pedersen

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Part II - Practical Comparison

By Fatbardh Veseli, Tsvetoslava Vateva-Gurova, Ahmad
Sabouri, Michael Østergaard Pedersen, Jesus Luna

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Abstract - Part I

We provide a formal treatment of Privacy-ABC systems by defining their syntax and security properties, resulting in the most comprehensive definitional framework for PABCs so far. We present and prove secure a generic and modular construction of a PABC system from simpler building blocks, allowing for a “plug-and-play” composition based on different instantiations of the building blocks. Finally, we give secure instantiations for each of the building blocks.








Abstract - Part II

This part of deliverable D3.1 presents a practical comparison of two instantiations of Privacy-ABC technologies, namely of U-Prove and Idemix in terms of efficiency, functionality, and security assurance. The comparison is made based on the framework for benchmarking Privacy-ABC technologies, which developed in the project, providing a wide range of results following the lifecycle of Privacy-ABCs, starting from issuance, presentation, inspection, and revocation.