By Fatbardh Veseli, Jesus Luna, Hamza Ghani, Tsvetoslava Vateva-Gurova, Harald Zwingelberg, Katalin Storf, Felix Bieker, Daniel Deibler, Marit Hansen

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This document is an outcome of the ABC4Trust project, mainly as a contribution from “Work Package 2 – Architecture”, but in close collaboration with project partners from different work packages. The document presents an extensive set of criteria for benchmarking privacy-enhancing attribute-based credential (Privacy-ABC) technologies. It is organised in five main dimensions, namely into efficiency, functionality, security assurance, legal data protection aspects, and economic viability. For each of these dimensions there are a number of individual aspects, which have been considered most relevant for benchmarking, out of which benchmarking criteria tailored for those dimensions have been identified.

The individual criteria follow the approach of the lifecycle of Privacy-ABCs, starting from credential issuance to presentation, inspection, and revocation of Privacy-ABCs. This document can serve as a framework for benchmarking Privacy-ABC technologies, and can be used to provide a more insightful overview on the differences between different such technologies, which should lead to a better-informed decision on the most suitable choice among different Privacy-ABC technologies