By Souheil Bcheri, Norbert Goetze, Monika Orski,
Harald Zwingelberg

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The Söderhamn school pilot will use ABC technologies to anonymously verify credentials and give pupils access to chats, online counselling sessions and document areas based on these credentials, e.g. age, gender or form.

This document describes the requirements for the Söderhamn school pilot, the project plan for implementing it, and the overall architecture of the pilot.

Executive Summary

The ABC4Trust project’s main objective is twofold: (i) the definition of a unified reference architecture for systems deploying privacy-enhancing Attribute-based Credentials (Privacy-ABCs) and (ii) the development of an open reference implementation of a full system deploying Privacy-ABCs that will be integrated into two complete real pilot applications providing feedback to the reference architecture and implementation results. These will be the first pilots of Privacy-ABC deployments in real application environments for collecting feedback.

This document relates to one of the ABC4Trust pilots, the school pilot in Söderhamn, Sweden. The pilot implements ABC in the protection of the anonymity of children in a school environment located in Söderhamn, Sweden.

In this document, we address the different areas of the pilot's functions, and also the overall architecture, including both IdM components and the part specifically made for this pilot. Functional requirements are listed at a general level, and detailed in use cases. Also, the general GUI layout is shown, mostly in screen dumps from the system already under construction, and the functional and non-functional requirements for the Söderhamn pilot are described.