Selection of current or recent project

  • BIC - Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT
  • DigIDeas - Social and Ethical Aspects of Digital Identities
  • Effects+ - European Framework for future Internet - Compliance, Trust, Security and Privacy through effective clustering
  • ENDORSE - Legal Technical Framework for Privacy Preserving Data Management
  • FI-WARE - Future Internet Core Platform
  • FutureID - Shaping the Future for Electronic Identity
  • Lyrics - Lightweight privacY-enhancing cRyptography for mobIle Contactless Services (France)
  • PRISMS - Privacy and Security Mirrors
  • SAPIENT - Supporting fundamentAl rights, PrIvacy and Ethics in surveillaNce Technologies
  • SPION - SBO Security and Privacy for Online Social Networks
  • SSEDIC - Scoping the single European Digital Identity Community
  • uTRUSTit - Usable Trust in the Internet of Things!

Selection of past projects

  • EuroPriSe - European Privacy Seal
  • FIDIS - Future of Identity in the Information Society
  • PICOS - Privacy and Identity Management for Community Services
  • PrimeLife - Bringing sustainable privacy and identity management to future networks and services
  • PHMethics - Interdisciplinary research to analyse the relationship between ethics, law and psychosocial as well as medical sciences
  • PRIME - Privacy and Identity Management for Europe
  • TAS³ - Trusted Architecture for Securely Shared Services
  • TURBINE - TrUsted Revocable Biometric IdeNtitiEs

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